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How Free Energy Works – Part 1


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Over the years I’ve been involved with Searl Magnetics, and been a big supporter of the SEG (the machine that was briefly shown and mentioned in the documentary Sirius, with Dr. Steven Greer (www.SiriusDisclosure.com). (By the way, if you haven’t seen it yet, go there now and watch it!)

The SEG is a device invented in the 1960s by John Searl.  It produces an unlimited amount of energy, and when over-loaded it inverts gravity and creates it’s own gravetic field which can be manipulated to move at incredible speeds, with zero inertia inside the field.  Meaning, you could be traveling at 80,000 km/s, take a 90 degree turn, and not feel a thing inside the field.  John built dozens of small radio operated craft using the technology and flew them around the globe with a ham radio network to control them, the craft flew at speeds which made a round-trip from UK to New Zealand possible in only 19 minutes.

His work was nearly completely destroyed shortly after and he disappeared off the map until the late 80s. (Get the whole story here: www.JohnSearlStory.com) For the past few years, with the help of brilliant engineers, private funding, and John’s supervision, his invention has been under reconstruction, and right now we’re extremely close to the finish line.  The reason why it’s taking a long time is because we’re not only reconstructing the device, but also proving all the science step by step as the device is giving birth to an entirely new era of physics and electro-dynamics.  This way, even if the whole thing is shut down, other people can continue the work in the future.

The free energy part of this is obviously cool beyond measure, but what excites me the most is the gravity manipulation part 🙂

Ever since I was a 5 year-old kid I had wanted to build an anti-gravity space-ship, and intuitively I knew it would be possible in this life-time.  I strongly believe in what Dr. Greer is doing, and envision a future of humanity free from slavery to the oil industry, with the entire planet running on free energy, anti-gravetic craft flying around the whole planet, and inter-stellar travel easily available.

This is all possible within a decade, if we were to stand together and make this happen.  It’s already been done! Only politics and some crazy sociopaths of the  secret world leaders and new world order agenda stand in the way 🙂

Some people who watch this still don’t believe that any of this is true, because it sounds so “out there.”

However, it’s actually quite simple.

Many want to know how the technology that Dr. Greer wants exposed actually works, and so I want to show you.

Being a geek, I’m completely fascinated with this stuff, so when I got involved with the SEG I wanted to really get into the science and understand it as far as my knowledge of physics and electro-magnetics allowed me to.

I took a flight to San Diego, and spent a couple days with with Fernando, the chief engineer and VP of Searl Magnetics.

Talking with engineers is difficult, because they speak a different language than most people, it’s why investors and engineers don’t usually get along and why there has been so much delay in this field in the past.  I had an advantage: I’m an ex-computer programmer and have studied electronics, and although I’ve long left that world behind, I’ve spent enough time in that part of my brain to understand how to communicate and ask the right questions.

Over a couple breakfasts and lunches, Fernando shared with me the science (much of it drawn on paper napkins), and answered all the physics newbie questions I had about free energy and the SEG. The more he told me the more excited I got about this because all the pieces of the puzzle were finally were coming together for me, and it felt like the veil of the free energy mystery was being lifted for me once and for all.

It seems that no-one is actually explaining this online, it’s still clouded in mystery. Even in these ground breaking documentaries the science is skipped over because it would take too long to explain and confuse too many people.

So over the next 2 weeks I’ll be sharing with you guys a little bit of my intimate understanding of how free energy and gravity manipulation actually works, I’m going to make a video explaining all this in layman’s terms, so all of us can get a grasp on this, understand it, and be able to talk about it over coffee.

Once you see how simple this is, you too, like myself, may see how children in 8th grade could be assembling these things in the future in shop-class.

I’ve actually boiled the whole thing down to a 20 minute presentation that anyone can understand, even if you don’t know a single thing about physics  or electro-magnetics, you should get it.  Every time I’ve showed this presentation to people they are usually blown away and get super excited, so it’s time I finally put it into a power-point and upload it.

While I’m putting that together, if you’re interested to know more, go ahead and watch this clip (at the top of this post). This is a little clip made by Searl Magnetics a few years ago, the science explanation here is not that deep, but you’ll get a peak at how the machine works.  All “free energy” machines work pretty much on the same basis.  In actuality they are not “generators” of energy, but energy re-organizers, no law of physics is broken.

If you want to know the whole story behind the SEG, watch the documentary “the John Searl Story”, right here: www.JohnSearlStory.com



Sirius Launches April 22 – Watch It Live


written by Kacper Postawski Topics : Kacper Postawski

Watch the premiere live right here on April 22: http://www.SiriusDisclosure.com

I am friggen excited that this is finally going live, as I have been personally involved with the technology discussed in this documentary(it even got featured in the trailer)!

If you don’t know who Dr. Steven Greer, or what the disclosure project is about, then let me fill you in really quick:

Dr. Steven Greer has been on a mission for the past decade to disclose top secret energy generation and propulsion technology which the government has had for decades, by reverse engineering downed E.T craft.  This technology would solve all of our energy problems, which is why it’s so secret, it poses a direct threat to the fossil fuel industry.

Dr. Steven Greer founded the “Disclosure Project” and has brought together hundreds of government witnesses who are willing to testify before congress about what they’ve seen and what they know.

This is something that’s very close to my heart because as you may know, over the years I’ve been heavily involved and have been a supporter of the Searl Effect Generator (www.SearlMagnetics.com), the SEG is capable of producing unlimited energy and gravity manipulation.

For the past few years I’ve really felt jaded with the world of “free energy”, as it seems it would take a miracle of mass global awakening for this technology to finally emerge past the dense political resistance, corporate greed, and human stupidity…  Dr. Greer has been on the front-lines of this battle for years from the E.T angle, and this movie is a land-mark stepping stone for all of us involved in this field.

Go watch this movie! I’ll be there with my pop-corn watching it on the 22nd!