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Biodome Revolution Reloaded!


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A few years ago I launched an e-book on how to create your own Biodome, and grow food year round for your family, even in the dead of winter.

It was a smash hit, and it helped a lot of people build Biodomes, but in all honesty, the eBook kind of sucked.

I never had a chance to fully finish the product as I was in the middle of moving my family to South America, and once we got there we didn’t need a Biodome anymore and I couldn’t put the final touches on the product to bring it up to my full vision of what it could be, I released it anyway as I really wanted to spread the idea, and I’m glad I did… people have gone bananas over biodomes  all over the world ever since, spreading wicked life-changing ideas is what I do best!


I’ve friggen stoked because for the past 2 months we have been working very hard on Biodome Revolution 2.0 – which is an entire step-by-step video and eBook program showing you how to build a kick-ass bidome, from scratch, foundation, windows, vents, insulation, everything!… all layed out for you in step-by-step videos!



(Above: picture of our nearly completed Biodome 2.0! Taken a few days ago)

We’ve also invented our own brand new connector system for the dome, that ANYONE can do with minimal tools and it’s way easier than the previous system I publicized.  This makes it possible for you to build a beautiful wooden dome that fits perfectly like a divine geometry puzzle of beauty.

The geodesic dome, because of it’s properties of force distribution, is one of the strongest things man-kind can build, together with this connection system, it’s just ultra strong.  This thing should(provided the foundation doesn’t get ripped out of the ground) should withstand Earthquakes, and Hurricanes, and will provide your family with fresh food year round.  Just imagine what would happen when you stick an Aquaponics system in one of these! The possibilities are endless.

The man in charge of the project is a dear friend of mine, Sasha! He’s been working his butt off to put this together, and it’s finally nearing completion!

Anyway I’ll be periodically throwing more samples of the product out to you over the coming weeks, and when it’s ready for launch you’ll be the first to know about it!

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PS. I am currently traveling through Europe, Morocco, and the Middle East.  If there’s anyone in Morocco that wants to meet up with me, give me a shout!