My name is Kacper Maciej Postawski, I love to inspire others to listen to their hearts, align with deep inner knowing, and live a life of courage, freedom, and self-determination…

I’m on a a massive mission: a Global Quantum Leap for all humanity.

My dream is that one day soon, full global disclosure of all suppressed quantum leap technologies and ancient truths about our origins will take place worldwide, opening the doors to global peace and a way of life that will make the one we are living now look like a black and white honkey-tonk piano movie.

Free energy devices that produce an unlimited amount of energy for all humanity

Powerful anti-gravetic propulsion systems that allow us to move freely across the planet, our solar system, and our Universe.

Health breakthroughs that cure all illnesses and extend human life way beyond our wildest dreams. (We just launched one, click here to watch our latest documentary “Quantum Leap”.)

And most of all, the fall of all organized religions and a true global blossoming of human consciousness.

Since I was a little boy, I’ve been aware of technologies and secret government programs that have hidden the truth from humanity for the benefit of the few, the “powers that were”, which have oppressed humanity and human consciousness into the stone age we currently find ourselves in

Instead of waiting around for this disclosure to happen, I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands and do whatever I can in each sector to bring about disclosure… recently with some incredible success in the health area.

Our most recent “Quantum Leap” documentary & global movement showcases a mind-blowing simple technology which cures 97% of disease, Cancer, Aids, Diabetes, Malaria… Have you seen it? Watch this, this is real, it is happening!

It’s a truly exciting time right now for me and my team. We are growing EVER, and can barely keep up with the changes and challenges we are facing. It’s an exciting time, as well as a dangerous time, as these kind of changes do not come easy and we are facing fierce resistance from those who do not want to see these things out there.

I believe the time all of us have been waiting for is now. This is the end-game. And the dark-side is check-mated already with only a few moves to spare.

Powerful players and leaders are making “end game” chess moves behind the scenes, empowering smaller groups and and individuals who are on the front-lines of the battle for this global disclosure… we are not alone anymore guys! I’m speaking from experience.

A global tectonic shift in human consciousness is now taking place behind the scenes, and is picking up momentum like a snowball rolling down a mountain turning into an avalanche.

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