Cosmic Guidance From My 7-Year-Old

Operation Global Freedom is almost a-go!

What is operation Global Freedom? It’s the second part of our mission which we’ve been on since last year, and it’s the most exciting part. In case you haven’t been aware of what’s been happening, here’s a bit to get you up to speed:

1. In January we launched a documentary called “Quantum Leap”, if you still haven’t watched it, click here to see it now. It’s a revolutionary documentary that’s spotlighting MMS, a breakthrough suppressed technology that easily cures cancer, aids, diabetes, hepatitis, malaria, amongst a host of many others diseases that plague the world.

2. We purposely did NOT put the documentary on YouTube, instead we allowed everyone to stream it for free from our web-site, so that we could control the early distribution and make a few updates.

3. Despite it NOT being on a mainstream video web-site, the documentary went seriously viral, we’ve surpassed 100,000+ views, 11,500 Facebook shares, leaders, revolutionaries from all over the world have come to our aid to stand next to us and launch this to the world and put an end to the global suffering caused by the suppression of this information.

4. Then all hell broke loose, my business partner got shot, banks tried to shut us down, everything came to a grinding halt and we spent 3 months licking our wounds. (Watch my previous vlog for full update)

5. And that brings us to now:

Operation Global Freedom


We are releasing our new high production quality movie trailer globally on all and any video channels we can get our hands on, the trailer is very intense and straight to the point and we think it will go equally viral with your support 🙂


We are releasing the latest version of the movie globally for free on all video channels, we will be asking for your support to help share it… With YouTube and Facebook running the movie we think it’s going to get pretty nuts, we’ll see how FB responds to the movie as their prone to censoring controversial content. Please help us share the movie with as many people as you know, our success depends on you.


We are launching a GLOBAL education platform for MMS that will put the power of the most important MMS protocols responsible for 99% of the healing with MMS world-wide into the hands of every man woman and child on this planet for FREE. Simultaneously we will begin translating the platform into every language on Earth.

Our goal is to put this information into the hands of every human being on Earth who has access to the Internet. Everyone will know how to use MMS, where to get it, and even how to make it themselves, to heal themselves and help heal others.


We are allying with top industry leaders in the advertising space to blow the movie out of the water and drive millions of extra views to the movie from many advertising platforms.

Step 5. ???

We have no idea where this is going to go next, but already it’s been one incredible ride.  All I know for sure is that millions of lives will be saved and rescued from needless suffering and painful deaths by the distribution of this information, and that alone is worth staying up t’ll 4am every-night right now and pushing my team to their max.   Everyone is on and pumped.

The soul strategy of EVER, the organisation my team and I are building is “Changing the world, ONE EPIC idea at a time.”

We’re doing it, this is one epic idea focusing on and making happen,   the world deserves to know this, enough suffering already.

Let’s change the world together guys,

Much love.


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