Leaving Water Liberty, and Exciting News About “Quantum Leap” Documentary…

Hey guys,

I have some very important and exciting news for you in this video. My team and I have been very busy for the past 6 months producing a feature length documentary film called “Quantum Leap,” it’s a film that will shake up and change many people’s lives(for the better) in 2016.

Also, I am officially leaving Water Liberty, the company which I co-founded and helped build over the past 4.5 years. If you follow my stuff, please watch this, this is important, thank you!

More About “Quantum Leap”

I’ve been quiet for a while, as me and my team have been working very hard for
the past few months on “Quantum Leap” – a full feature length documentary film,  that I hope is going to shake up this world.

…it’s about a small group of people who have found the answer to Cancer, HIV(aids), diabetes, malaria, hepatitis, and pretty much every disease that ails humanity on this planet today…

Diseases that the mainstream medical media will tell you are “incurable”…

If you are sick, or you know anyone who is sick, this movie will be a “Quantum Leap”  for your life, as it will unveil one of the greatest deception games ever played on humanity, and show you a solution that is readily available worldwide, and almost impossible to believe.

Because it is so simple.

…It documents the biggest breakthrough I’ve ever come come across in my entire life.

Sadly, for the past 20 years this has been violently suppressed by pharmaceutical corporate interests…

People have been killed over this. And the powers at be will do anything to prevent this from going main-stream, including, murdering millions of people.

This is a total game-changer.

However, to be involved with this project to the extent that I have, I had to make  a very tough decision.

I’ve had to leave behind Water Liberty, the company which I co-founded and helped build over the past 5 years.  More information in the update video(above), and more coming in the following weeks!

Stay tuned, and thank you for your support!

25 thoughts on “Leaving Water Liberty, and Exciting News About “Quantum Leap” Documentary…

  • Hi guys, it has been brought to my attention that the comments in my blog were not working until today, just fixed the problem as there was a problem with the settings. Look forward to hearing from you now.

    • Thank you Kacper, for all you do. And for your bravery! I pray for your success and that positive light continues to flow in your direction and that it surrounds you enters you and protects you and your family and all your colleagues. Bless you. The invisible affects the visible. But you already know that!
      Best to you!
      Wendell… in Denver

    • Hello Kacper,

      My name is Jude and I am currently living in Colorado. My guy and are on the verge of moving to Belize. Two weeks before we were planning to head there for the winter my guy broke his leg in three places. He arrived at the local hospital at around 1:30 in the afternoon, had surgery the following morning and was released the next morning. So not even two full days in the hospital ended up costing over $60,000 USD. This happened just over two years after he broke his back and received a very similar hospital bill. All we can think about is finishing construction on our house in Belize, piping the water from a waterfall to create hydro-power and starting our first garden.

      From having previously worked in the healthcare industry I am a firm believer we are puppets of big pharma. Our 78 year old uncle lives on $1300 a month from social security and his doctor wants him to take Xerelto at $500 USD for 30 pills a month for his afib which they now say he doesn’t even have!!!

      Needless to say I am extremely excited to see what your film presents to the world. Maybe once I am settled in Belize I can find a way to be a part of your project to bring awareness to the world. I am a firm believer in cures from simple everyday ingredients such as apple cider vinegar, coconut oil and food grade hydrogen peroxide.

      I can’t wait to see what you have to show the world!

    • Hi Kacper,
      I have been receiving yours newsletter for some 4plus years now and also had a copy of the ebook on Biodomes. I am glad your back in the saddle and am so looking forward to Quantum Leap, as I am reading off the same page as you as to the state of health that is a reflection of humanity’s disconnection from the natural world and where we are now.
      Sue Smith

    • Hi Kacper , can’t wait to see your documentary when it comes out!

      Have you heard of a guy named Don Tolman? He is all about the same ideals you are

      and his simple but effective remedies are life changing!

      I have been to his seminars and boot camps and the info he shares can be

      confronting but you know in your heart that it’s true! Check him out

      All the best in your new venture…….

      Kind Regards


  • Kacper;
    Every once in a while, a person comes into my life with the answer to my prayer for understanding something!
    You have, on more than one occasion, been that person!
    A big thanks and more power to you!
    Looking forward to your “Quantum Leap” documentary!

  • Kacper, my admiration and thanks for the great natural products you have developed. I bought them, try them and are awesome. Thank you for your concern on having natural products for every day life for all the people.

  • Hi Kacper,
    Will you have dvd’s available to be purchased of the upcoming series?

    P.S. Thank you for being vigilant and gathering this priceless information
    and bringing it to our attention and I hope to be able to visit you in the near future.

  • May I suggest in future blogs you use My team and I Rather than Me and my team have been…….It may seem petty but it makes a big impression. Meanwhile Keep up the good work. D Tilden

  • I hope your talking about Kangen Water, and Dr Otto Warburg,Change your water Chang your Life

  • Kacper –
    I enjoyed your products very much; keep up the good work.
    Look forward to your new venture – Quantum leap.

  • How do I get a copy of this video documentary? The most discouraging thing is not knowing where to start looking.

  • Keep up the epic work you’re doing Kacper!
    From Canada, I’m/we’re sending you & your team amazing vibs & all the energy you’ll need for this awesome & much needed doc to get to the masses in the most supported ways. Sending you an abundance of positive energy of love, ease, grace, joy, full resources, smooth, effortless, seemless manifested & actualized doc! Can’t wait!
    We believe in you! Keep up & know The Force is behind you & your team!!!
    Cheers eh!

  • Hey Kacper, keep up the good work, always looking forward to all good news from you. God Bless, Na Zdrowie

  • I can’t wait to hear more about this upcoming Documentary…more to the point, I cannot wait to see it….Thank You Kacper ♥

  • I’ve been following you for a couple of years. I have come to trust you and your mission. I look forward to your next issue/project/video. Matrix interview is great. It’s reminding me of my goal to be off the grid 40 years ago. More important now then ever. Everyone who exposes the truth is attacked. You are in good company…Tesla, Gandhi, Jesus, John Lennon etc. Keep up the great work. Blessings Janice

  • You lead me to the door, I walked through it, and have discovered a whole new world of health and exciting opportunities. Thank you from the centre of my being Kacper.

  • I am very curious about your project. I know very much about the dificulties from offcicial health organizations.

    I have used an intuitive process with which my body seems able to heal almost anything, but not so fast as you promise, and instruction of the intuitive process is difficult.

    My site is in Danish: http://selvheling.spiritnet.dk/

  • Thank you guys for the positive feedback, I just realized that while my blog was being managed by the Water Liberty team someone had disabled comments for the past year… holy cow. I have missed on a lot of feedback and corespondence with you guys.


  • God Bless you Kacper! Let’s change the world and get the info out about how to take control of your own health. Great video and telling the whole world what you believe and having faith that God will take care of you is the only way to do this. We are here for a reason and the reason is to enlighten others with truth. Always great to see people like you doing what they feel is right.

  • Blessings Kacper!

    Have not heard from you for sometime….please communicate as you truly are an inspiration!

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