My First Biodome – A Funny Story

Here’s the hilarious story of my first naive attempt to build a Biodome and how I got “kicked” out of Canada ๐Ÿ™‚ย  I haven’t changed since and still do crazy stuff like this all the time.

Biodome Revolution 2.0 Comes out at midnight on August 1st!ย  It will be available at and will be a limited launch, as we’re only opening up the doors for 7 days so we can work any unexpected bugs out, answer questions which we didn’t think of, and perfect the whole system!

16 thoughts on “My First Biodome – A Funny Story

  • Really like the biodome idea, but don’t understand your being upset with someone coming down on you for building a 40′ biodome on property you don’t even own. Common sense should tell you that isn’t going to fly. Also a little hint for the next time you make a video. Take something for your allergies or whatever is causing you to constantly sniff. Very annoying and detracts from the great biodome subject you are presenting.

    • Hey Darrel,

      I don’t have a lot of common sense ๐Ÿ™‚ I just jump at opportunities! Like I said, I’m a naive crazy guy ๐Ÿ™‚ I act first and think later.

      LOL yeah noticed that with the nose, just drank hot tea which makes my nose water, but don’t really care, if my nose is bothering you just go snort some pepper and join me in a sneeze-fest.

  • You are such a dramatist and sensationalist….in your email and video hear you say you got kicked out of Canada….but in the video its clear that you willingly left on your own. Also you say you don\\\\\\\’t want to live some place where you cant build something on land that you live on……well you may have lived there but you said you were renting the house….of course you can\\\\\\\’t build something on land that YOU DONT OWN!!! Seriously? If you owned it I would say you had a point….but you did not so you were in the wrong. I am so tired of your sensationalized schemes…..


    Hi Eldon, great to know there’s another person on my email list without a sense of humor ๐Ÿ™‚ Please see the title of the blog post. “Funny Story” ๐Ÿ™‚ cheer up buddy. what’s really eating you?

  • Hi Kacper, I follow your blog at random moments. Love the biodome idea. i’m a Bucky fan from way back when. I had not that of using one for the greenhouse I’m planning. I am learning all I can about aquaponics. raising plants in water that cycles through tubs of fish. Plants clean the water, fish waste feeds the plants. Farmed fish is OK with me if I can find or make fish food that isn’t the GMO soy and corn that the commercial farmers use. BTW, we live half time in South America as well.
    Keep up the good fight. As long as you find something to interest you and maybe even help improve the world, you will be happy.

  • There doesn\’t seem to be an end to the security codes.
    I love geodesic domes, and will seriously consider building a greenhouse dome. I built a 5/8 dome thirty feet in diameter to live in back in1992, but we have since moved from that residence. Things grow well here in Hana, but we do have problems with bugs and slugs. I do not use toxic pesticides or herbicides on my property, so I need to find a way, thus the greenhouse, to grow my produce where we get to eat them rather than the bugs getting to them first.
    Am also concerned with the potential collapse of the currency here and what that will mean to us. Looks like you found your place in South America. What is the government like there?

  • Hi Kacper!

    Please could you let me know what the material is that the guy in the video talked about having a high strength ratio, and binds well to cellulose?

    Thankyou. Also, what type of plastic, (cellulose?!), is on the frames, please?

    That\’s great.



    Hey rose,

    Everything is inside Biodome Revolution 2.0, explained step-by-step in videos and a manual ๐Ÿ™‚ I can’t get into the details of construction here on the blog unfortunately.

  • Looking forward to the package….every neighborhood could use a few…they probably will become essential for more than gardens….looks like the Monterey dome homes; are they still around….I received quite an unexpected witness within my self. These could really help people. Blessings

  • As a purchaser of the first Bio-Dome vid, I’m wondering how this new vid differs from the first. It seems to me, that this new dome is more expensive to construct. I am a long time fan of Buckminster Fuller. How does your design differ from any of the designs available from the Fuller foundation? Thanks. …..Derek…..


    Hey Derek,

    Not sure where you got the “first vid”, I’ve never made any biodome videos ๐Ÿ™‚ Just an eBook. BR 2.0 is better in A LOT of ways and way cheaper too ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll go over the benefits in the next video!

  • Does a biodome have usefullness for warm climates then? Would it get too hot to grow anything inside? Wondering if it could be used to protect the plants in any environments.


    hi Doug,

    If you live in a climate that supports growth year round I would say no, except to protect some plants like Tomatoes against rain-fall. It’s more for folks who live further away from ideal climate who want to extend their growing season / or create a controlled environment to grow in year-round ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hello Kasper,
    My husband and I purchaced your e book and built a 20 foot dome. LOVE IT!!!!!!
    We wanted to build another this summer and now we can hardly wait for the video.Thanks so much for your research and doing this.

  • Someone above was talking about problematic bugs and slugs? My answer would be

    Look into (Food Grade Diatomaus Earth). It will kill any hard-shell bug and slug’s have a hard foot

    they travel on. So it may kill them also. I eat it myself. Very good for killing anything that

    lives in your digestive track. ( Read about it.) Hope this helps?


  • Hi Casper,

    A bit of further input regarding use of a biodomes in a climate thats condusive to year around growing. Your correct about tomatoes under plastic especially during the monsoons but many other plants need this also. Ive gardened under plastic in Phoenix Arizona in summer where of course its really hot. There are ways to mitigate excessive heat and still work with a biodome in tropical places.Im looking forward to receiving your material and plan to build a few domes here in Indonesia. Probably its the experimentation aspects that pull me to biodome use but will keep in touch if you like. Im sure there will be biodome 3.0 and 4.0 and on and on!

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