Biodome Revolution Reloaded!

A few years ago I launched an e-book on how to create your own Biodome, and grow food year round for your family, even in the dead of winter.

It was a smash hit, and it helped a lot of people build Biodomes, but in all honesty, the eBook kind of sucked.

I never had a chance to fully finish the product as I was in the middle of moving my family to South America, and once we got there we didn’t need a Biodome anymore and I couldn’t put the final touches on the product to bring it up to my full vision of what it could be, I released it anyway as I really wanted to spread the idea, and I’m glad I did… people have gone bananas over biodomes  all over the world ever since, spreading wicked life-changing ideas is what I do best!


I’ve friggen stoked because for the past 2 months we have been working very hard on Biodome Revolution 2.0 – which is an entire step-by-step video and eBook program showing you how to build a kick-ass bidome, from scratch, foundation, windows, vents, insulation, everything!… all layed out for you in step-by-step videos!



(Above: picture of our nearly completed Biodome 2.0! Taken a few days ago)

We’ve also invented our own brand new connector system for the dome, that ANYONE can do with minimal tools and it’s way easier than the previous system I publicized.  This makes it possible for you to build a beautiful wooden dome that fits perfectly like a divine geometry puzzle of beauty.

The geodesic dome, because of it’s properties of force distribution, is one of the strongest things man-kind can build, together with this connection system, it’s just ultra strong.  This thing should(provided the foundation doesn’t get ripped out of the ground) should withstand Earthquakes, and Hurricanes, and will provide your family with fresh food year round.  Just imagine what would happen when you stick an Aquaponics system in one of these! The possibilities are endless.

The man in charge of the project is a dear friend of mine, Sasha! He’s been working his butt off to put this together, and it’s finally nearing completion!

Anyway I’ll be periodically throwing more samples of the product out to you over the coming weeks, and when it’s ready for launch you’ll be the first to know about it!

Over and out,


PS. I am currently traveling through Europe, Morocco, and the Middle East.  If there’s anyone in Morocco that wants to meet up with me, give me a shout!


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  • I hope you are taking Colloidal Silver with you. In appreciation of your dedication, I will give you a complete $800 generator kit with large silver electrodes at half price. I will ship it by EMS at my cost. Keep well, John

  • are you going to tell us how this is different than the book I we will know what to do also. My dream is to build one of these. My son designs homes and I want to give him the plans so he can figure out how to fit it into the south side of my house.
    Thanks for keeping in touch!

  • Does this geodesic dome have to be circular only. Can it be oval shaped. We are definitely interested in also adding an aquaponics system to the dome.

  • Sorry Kacper, I couldn’t wait any longer and ordered a 16″ diameter kit elsewhere. I did watch all your “stuff” and considered your book, but I had to move on. Now if my current dome doesn’t work out, I’ll be back. We are all going to need an alternative way to feed our families in the coming months.

  • Kasper,

    Thanks for the information about the new improved Bio-Dome.

    I purchased one of the original Bio-Dome e-books. Is there any chance of
    an upgrade?


  • I love your ideas. I did purchase your first biodome e-book and created my own dome. I can’t wait to see this new version for improvement ideas.

  • I built one inspired by u. U should take a look. I’m the executive pastry chef at the new York palace hotel. Email me [email protected] I can help you.

  • Have a great time in Marokko … as soon you get to Greece or perhaps Germany let me know to connect you with some people … South Africa too … we were living for years in Greece … with 22 I left Germany and lived in Greece in the mountains … working with bio dynamic preparations … doing what one does when one loves the beauty and truth of life … feel embraced on your journey …
    We will build a 40′ garden dome in NC in a wonderful place where you always are invited to come … we have here 110 acres and the community of heartist’s is growing …

    Love and Light


  • Since the E Book was not up to snuff do those of us that payed for it get the new product free of charge?

  • I hope this time you can give us the measurments in feet and inches and tell us how much plastic we need for the project and if there’s more than one dealer we can buy from for the special plastic we need for the project—i did not build the dome for this reason–and the cost was alot more then you said it would be by a lot—Russ

    PS–you pay money for a program in hopes of building it not to put it on the back burner

  • How cool! Would love to see one with food growing inside of it. And how does it work even in the dead of winter. What part of South America? I’ve been looking into Uruguay. Thanks for all you do.

  • How cool! Would love to see one with food growing inside of it. And how does it work even in the dead of winter. What part of South America? I\’ve been looking into Uruguay. Thanks for all you do.

  • Sounds awesome, and great timing! We just got our property, so I’m ready to start building! I’ll be eagerly waiting for the day your videos are ready. Cheers!

  • Hey Kacper we’re currently in Egypt in South Sinai If you make it this way or thinking about coming let us know maybe we can hookup!

    Peace Brother

  • Hi
    Just read your mail. I am very interested in your dome. I have a large ground beneath
    of my house by the sea (island in Greec where I am now living most of the year ), and I’d
    like to do something on that ground. Aquaponic and your dome will be of much interest
    not only for me but also some islanders around.
    Let me know if you come to Greece – we might meet?

  • Biodomes, but in all honesty, the eBook kind of sucked. is a understatment, I would hope there is a way to update old version And thank you very !!!!!!!! much for never e-mailing me back with some help

  • I placed the original Eden Biodome on the top of my blog, because it’s part of the answer for survival against what’s coming. The new model 2.0 will likely cost a little more but definitely worth it, based on what I have seen of it so far. One fantastic element of this is to place the hydroponics inside. I really like the idea of building either a small solar panel and hand made wind generator from online instruction kits. To vastly increase yields up to 10 fold of your verticle growth, you want to use a layer of black magnitite sand in the soil you continue to enrich. The dome is a measure of isolation from geoengineering elements like the long list of cancer & disease causing fungi being introduced along with barium & aluminum etc….
    Adya Clarity brings a further blending of frequency strength to the black magnitite sand, by magnetic spin resonance that belongs to part of the planets schuman’s resonance. Additionally you can implement the use of orgone generators which calls for using the sand, a crystal, properly wound copper wire, copper pipe, and the layers of organic/inorganic materials, like an accumulator. etc… You will also discover the science making the chi, orgone, lifeforce & the shumans resonance possible. Dr. Milewski explains about superlight moving at 10 X lightspeed. This emerges as energy from the black hole in the center of each galaxy as matter enters it. The energy in turn develops matter in the center of all planetary bodies & suns. He is designing the rejuvination or growing of crystals into flexible materials for wearing & other applications. All this & other knowledge like frequencies in wellness, superluminal propulsion, Instant communication, energetics & much more. See. The Blogathon Philabuster.

  • Hello from Spain.

    If you come to this country, I would like to talk to you.

    I live in Valencia (Mediterranean sea coast)


  • I purchased the last E-book you put out, & am anxious to see an “easier to assemble” version with the more enhanced details for assembly. Will there be an upgrade to the last book or another consideration for those who purchased your previous book, to purchase this new upcoming program? Anxiously Waiting

  • Excited to see the new and improved version of the dome. I live in Ontario Canada and would love to know if we would be able to grow in the dead of winter in the dome. Also I would love to see a tunnel style or oval dome.

  • I purchased your first book and just now getting around to building my dome. Still uncertain what to use for the covering. LP-Keder, assorted plastics or glass?? Love to see what you came up with…

  • Hello

    I did not receive any notice of your system. However
    I would like to receive the updated version & your
    connectors. I do not have a web site.

  • I am very interested in a GEODESIC BIODOME — fully completed, meaning full instructions especially foundation with secure attachment, ventilation, heating (if required), entry with full security, insulation if required (temperature can go to as low as -30 to -40 degrees F — will require full instructions for complete planting area, hydroponics, recommendation whether fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, flowering plants can all be grown in one dome or is it recommended that flowers/blooming plants be in a separate dome ?? Need information on various sizes available, advice on whether can grow all fruits in this dome if erected in central British Columbia, Canada and lower portion of Alberta and Saskatchewan, Canada ???
    Your advice will be appreciated with request to have information emailed to: [email protected]
    Many thanks.

  • Would like to know if the new design is suitable for growing in Canadian climates (Ontario) during the dead of winter. I would be interested to know how build a dome where plants could survive and thrive in the cold climate here. Do you have plans for a dome that is oval or tunnel shaped, as that would fit better in my yard and not take up as much space.

    Will those that have purchased the original biodome e-book be receiving the new and updated info?

    Can’t wait to see what you have devised.

  • Thanks Kacper,

    I Just finished cutting the struts for a 2v 5m dome using the plans I purchased from you how will you make the 2.0 version available?

    Thanks for holding the vision, I’m looking forward to erecting my first geodesic dome and then building a larger one next. So the 2.0 plans would be nice to have.


  • Thanks Kacper,

    I Just finished cutting the struts for a 2v 5m dome using the plans I purchased from you how will you make the 2.0 version available?

    Thanks for holding the vision, I\’m looking forward to erecting my first geodesic dome and then building a larger one next. So the 2.0 plans would be nice to have.


  • looking forward to the video that is coming out
    because I wish to start building them for people
    up in Alberta Canada
    what would the cost to build a supply and Install
    for them.

    And can you make them bigger?

    Thanks Conan

  • where can i get your updated version ~im building a health and research farm on beautiful country in west australia ~beverley ~Thankyou for all ~Wolfy808

  • Eden Biodome Revolution, I bought you e-book , it got me motivated to build that green house, since I have already got a barrel aquaponic system cycled with fish and veggies growing. I bought all the wood needed and started on the dome struts, everything going good till I get to step 3 arrow head cuts video B, its link does not work. I really think I need to see it t6o fully grasp the arrow head cuts. Please can you help?

  • Hello – I just got through listening to your information about the black mica and I am soooo excited because I just purchased a water filter system and will now be returning it! I personally have been told by the medical industry that I would have to live with my back pain from several car accidents and the only relief was to be on drugs – pain killers for the rest of my life – NOT! I lost 2 years of my life and I would go to work because we needed the income and then not remember how I got home! God blessed me with a wonderful friend who had similar problems and between the two of us we found another way of living with our injuries without pain! I know that what you have has got to be a God given intervention to me because – it is tied in with your mention of magnets! I sleep on a magnetic mattress pad and take a supplement that has definitely helped me get back on my feet but I KNEW there was much more and definitely what God has put on this planet! Water is LIFE and that is pretty much what I drink the most of. Unfortunately, I am unemployed and my husband is the bread winner – until I can get my refund back on the water filter I purchased – I will have to purchase the smaller quantities of your Adya Clarity. I also know this was a God intervention and I only now have to connect my dots of the information that I have recently found – I will also be one of those who will be building an Aquaponics system that I found from another website – now I know why I delayed building – another God intervention – I’m waiting on you – lol! When you are through I DEFINITELY will invest in your “newer – updated” book – YEAH! BUT while my funds are low – my question is – After I purchase the Adya Clarity drops and start using them – how can I separate the sediment that ends up at the bottom of my water? I will have to wait on purchasing your filtering system when my funds will allow it.

  • , got it all back, but not in az any more, moving to state near
    I bought your first edition, lost it when I had , someone hack into my computor,
    moving to a better location, sorry to loose every thing i had done including your bio dome,
    i built a 15 ft version, easy for one person to handle, also in az a 400 sq ft was consider temp, no permit required (i sent you a photo) need to know if i get a upgrade on new ideas before i start building again in oct.
    need to know a few things before i start, please contact me soon as i am ready to build 4 more greenhouses with
    aqua culture as my choice of growing methods,
    also going to build three bio domes in a cluster for living quarters!
    might start a school for preppers!
    farmmer bud

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