Cool Electric Car Conversion Guide…

How would you like to pay ZERO for gas?

As you guys may know, due to global pressures, the economic situation, and now, Japan, oil prices are sky-rocketing.  A few weeks ago I published a short article talking about $5.00 per gallon fuel in the U.S by the end of this year, this is no longer a “speculation” but a certainty.  The age of cheap oil in America is coming to a bitter end.

There’s this sweet couple, Les and Jane Oke, who run a really cool web-site which teaches you to convert your car to electric, check it out here:

At first I thought this was a joke, as I thought this is far too complex for most people to do on their own, but they bust through that myth.

Apparently there’s thousands of people doing this themselves, and it’s really simple.

I got their book and I have to say, I was blown away, this is REALLY good, and I highly recommend it.  They answer all the questions and guide you through the process of turning your car into an electric vehicle step-by-step.

Imagine driving by the gas station laughing away at the rising gas prices, knowing you’re doing your part not only for your family, but for your planet.

Check out Les and Jane’s site here:



PS. This is NOT the “run your car on H20” thing, that’s a different idea all together and only uses hydrogen to help you increase your fuel mileage, this is literally a guide on how to turn any car into a 100% electric vehicle which consumes NO gas, only electricity, and will serve 99% of all your daily transportation needs, gas free, pollution free.

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